Tangkak District Council In Johor's Administration

Local Authority is the Third Level Government after Federal Government and State Government. After rearrangement of Local Authorities in 1976, Tangkak District council was established on 1st August 1976 in combination of Local Council of Tangkak, Kebun Baru, Sagil, Bukit Kangkar, Sungai Mati, Serom, Bukit Gambir, Grisek and Kundang Ulu.

The area of Tangkak District Council is about 13,566 hectares with about 70,400 residents and about 17600 asset holders in this area. Other than areas of Tangkak District Council territory, administration area of this Council also includes 20m (40 chains) of roadside along Kampung Teratai, Durian Chondong, Kg.Baru Bekoh and Bukit Asahan.

The center of the Council's Administration is located in Tangkak which is 203km from North West Johor Bahru and 26km from north Muar. This Council has its own office building since 1st September 1996 which cost RM45, 000.00. It was built on 0.8 hectare land and partially covered by Launching Grant financial which was received from Federal Government.

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