Acts Lists

In order to establish administrative systems of Tangkak District Council there are additional adjustment in acts usage, which is Acts A 933. These acts will establish the usage of Acts 172  in Tangkak District Council. Detailed functions of applied acts today are stated in schedule below:-

No. Acts Law Function
1. Acts 171 Local Government Acts 1976 Consists of allocation regarding administration responsibilities, finance and Local Authority State’s authority, role and responsibilities towards public places, health, merchandise, transportation and traffics, graveyard, licensing, rate and value of environment.
2. Acts 172 Town and Country Planning Acts 1976 Role and authority of Local Authority State in arranging, controlling, planning the development and utilization of all land in respected area.
3. Acts A933 Town and Country Planning Acts (Amendment 1995) Control development and trees and area of development care.
4. Acts 133 Road, Drain and Building By Laws 1974

Authority of Local Authority State regarding the responsibility of road, drain and building planning in respected area.