Management Services Department

  • Delivers all issues raised by users to the party concerned immediately.
  • Ensure that all complaint letters will immediately be referred to relevant department to take further action and ensure that users will receive ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ACCEPTANCE CARD from Council. 
  • Provide facilities for Jubli Intan Hall and equipment rental for events.

Treasury Department

  • Payment counters service at main office.
  • Payment counters service at branch office. 
  • Payment to suppliers.

Public Health Department

  • Ensure to give good services and always ready to help solving problems regarding our services. 
  • Conduct cleaning works on drains and roads.
  • Conduct cleaning works on main roads.
  • Conduct cleaning works on markets and night markets.
  • Conduct activity of mowed grass. 
  • Collection, transportation and solid dismissal should be run accordingly not less than the following:-
    Premises Type Collection Frequency
    Residential such as terrace, single, double. Minimum three (3) times a week
    Shop house, office, business lot, flat Minimum six (6) times a week
    Night market, bazaar Ramadhan Once (1) on the same day after business operation.
    Market, wholesale market, Waste Accumulation Centre RORO/MGB Hostel, institution. Hospital Minimum six (6) times a week.
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