Tangkak was discovered in the 19th century by a group of people from from Pagar Ruyung who began to set up a settlement in Cohong. Cohong, a settlement located in Malacca which is close to Tangkak was discovered in the early 18th century. The group that set up Tangkak followed a stream upstream to the Kesang River and navigated upstream to Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang). On the left bank of the river there is a hill. They trekked through the swampy jungle by crawling through the twining roots and rattan in the swampy jungle.

Once the settlement was successfully set up, they frequently travelled back and forth to Cohong, and when asked "Engkau duduk tang mana? (Where do you live)", they will answer "Aku duduk tempat tang merangkak sana (I live within a crawling distance over there)!" Due to the phrase "tempat merangkak" or "tang merangkak" is often uttered, finally it was shortened to TANGKAK.

In 1901, the Johor Government established a modern administration system when the Administration Centre in Cohong was relocated to Tangkak Town. A district status was given and the administration was called the District Officer. At this time Johor had a Government Commissioner System heading the administration of major districts and the District Officers were tasked to administer the minor districts. After the second world war, the district administration system was revamped. The Government Commissioner position was abolished and the District Officers were tasked to administer Major Districts, while Assistant District Officers were tasked to administer minor districts. Tangkak was a minor district then. 


Sourced from the Ledang District and Land Office