Pusat Internet Komuniti (formerly known as Pusat Internet 1 Malaysia) is a government initiative implemented by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) 
under the Universal Service Provision (USP) program with the aim of bridging the digital divide between rural and urban communities.
Community Internet Center (PIK) was established to provide internet access to the local community. In addition, PIK also provides value-added services to help improve economic &
social status by providing free ICT and entrepreneurship training classes to registered members. There are also a number of 
selected PIKs available providing light banking and courier services. PIK also provides printing, photocopying, lamination services at a very low fee.

The Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will continue to strengthen the function of PIK so that the local community not only has the opportunity to use quality 
broadband services with very low fees but also other services provided in all PIKs can facilitate online transactions.

There are 85 Community Internet Centers in the State of Johor and 5 of them are located in the Tangkak District at the following locations:-

  i) Kg. Parit Haji Idris Community Internet Center
 ii) Pekan Sagil Community Internet Center
 iii) Felda Sri Jaya Community Internet Center
 iv) Felda Sri Ledang Community Internet Center
 v) Telok Rimba Community Internet Center

Complete information on the Community Internet Center (PIK) can be found through the MCMC website or on the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's Facebook page link.
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of broadband/ high speed internet is very much needed by all walks of life to help launch online business. MCMC and PIK also take preventive 
measures and ensure that PIK functions by complying with strict SOPs as recommended by the NSC and MOH to prevent the spread of this epidemic.